Print all your checks on blank check stock
Print checks from multiple QuickBooks Online companies to the same, blank check stock. And do it from any device, anywhere.
AP Processing designed to save you time and money
Eliminate expensive preprinted checks and never hand sign one again. It’s check payments made simpler.
check printing service
Check Printing Service
Save time and money with our easy to use Check Printing Service. This built-in feature comes standard in all PBO accounts and allows Wellspring Software to print, fold, seal, stamp and mail your checks for you. All you have to do is turn it on, select which checks you want to send and Wellspring will handle the rest.
bank account management
Bank Account Management
Print checks from as many bank accounts and QuickBooks companies as you need. Manage them all from your PrintBoss, easily switching between companies. Adjust check numbers in PrintBoss and it automatically updates QuickBooks to keep you on track.
user management
Easily print top, middle, or bottom checks. Use your own logo and signatures to customize your check face. Adjust addresses to fit custom window envelopes. PrintBoss gives you the tools you need to process your checks.
mobile check printing
Mobile Check Printing
Print checks from anywhere on any device. With a mobile ready interface, PrintBoss allows you to generate checks wherever you are and then print them when you connect with a printer. It’s mobile because you are.
quickbooks online integration
QuickBooks Online Integration
Connect PrintBoss with QuickBooks Online in a click and pay bills as you normally would in QuickBooks Online, then click the big import button in PrintBoss and print your checks. PrintBoss will even let QuickBooks Online know which checks were printed.
use blank stock
Use Blank Stock
Save 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks when you switch to blank check stock.  Plus, you use one stock for all your QuickBooks companies.  It’s easier, less expensive and more secure—Save Time, Save Money, Increase Security.
user management
User Management
Individual user logins allow you to manage user rights and protect sensitive company info. Determine who can generate checks, who can print checks, who has access to company bank information, etc. User rights gives you more security.
How many users do you have?
PrintBoss Online is a monthly subscription.
Prices are determined by seat bundles per company.
It’s simple pricing to meet your business needs.
1 User
$ 8
per QuickBooks company/month
No Credit Card Required for Trial Use
2 - 4 Users
$ 12
per QuickBooks company/month
No Credit Card Required for Trial Use
5 - 9 Users
$ 16
per QuickBooks company/month
No Credit Card Required for Trial Use
10+ Users
$ 20
per QuickBooks company/month
No Credit Card Required for Trial Use
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